Mama Meditation Bracelet

  • $22.00

The perfect gift for the new or experienced mama! 
Intentionally made and reiki infused to embody the superpowers all mamas need. 
Made with rough cut stones of Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz as well as 6 round lava stones. Each stone was very intentionally chosen as well as the number of each stone on the bracelet. This stretchy bracelet holds the energy of peace, harmony, unconditional love, and fertility & health. 
  • Amethyst clusters of 4 stones: Dispels anger, fear & anxiety while easing pain. Promotes fertility and a healhty pregnancy. The number 4 embodies the energy of your guardian angel and was chosen to remind you your guardian angel is always with you.
  • Lapis Lazuli clusters of 5 stones: Enhances intuition & self-truth. Releases stress & brings harmony, peace, and better self-knowledge. The number 5 embodies the energy of change and the ability to endure and find strength in the change
  • Rose Quartz clusters of 6 stones: Offers nurturing & calming energy and promotes unconditional love. The number 6 embodies unconditional love. 

Wear to keep the good energies close to your physical & spiritual self. Wear as a reminder that you are strong, capable, and full of love! 

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