Necklace - Czech Glass Tear Drop Sterling Silver Necklace

  • $38.00

One single tear drop shaped czech glass bead sits on an 18" sterling silver rope chain. Each tear drop is made by hand so variations can occur. As always, each necklace features Robin's Egg Jewelry unique essential oil diffuser at the claps.

Each piece is made with positive intention.

Red Picasso (speckled) - Red speckled with blue brings a balance of fire and water, hot and cool, energy and calm. This necklace was made with the intention of bringing a balance to the energies. Pairs nicely with Rose Absolute essential oil.

Spring Green - The color of clean beginnings, fresh starts, and delight. This necklace was made with the intention of bringing energies of cleansing to the spirit. A chance to clear the cobwebs and clutter. Pairs nicely with Niaouli essential oil.

Blue Picasso (speckled) - With blue as the base color and green as the secondary, the energy intended with this piece is one of roots of calm and soothing energy, balanced with hope and growth. Pairs nicely with Patchouli essential oil.

Red - This bright red is full of energies of passion and strength. Made with the intention of bringing the energy of courage to an already passionate and strong spirit. Pairs nicely with Lemongrass essential oil.