Chakra Ritual Kits

  • $36.00

Unique Ritual Kits for the balance and healing of the chakras.

One for each of the seven (7) chakras. Each includes: 

  • Palo Santo Sticks: For spiritual purifying, energy clearing, and healing
  • Abalone Shell: Symbolic of water, brings all elements together - lit palo santo stick = fire, stone = earth, smoke = air, shell = water)
  • Reiki Charged Candle: To bring intention and positive energy to your ritual 
  • Gemstone: For chakra support, protection, healing, and balance (Crown = Amethyst, Third-Eye = Lapis Lazuri, Throat = Sodalite, Heart = Rose Quartz, Solar Plexus = Tiger Eye, Sacral = Red Jasper, Root = Obsidian
  • A Journal: A personal witness to your practice and journey. A space to record thoughts and experiences. 
  • Essential Oil: Robin's Egg Essentials unique Chakra Essential Oil Blends to anoint self to support chakra healing and balancing. 
  • Ritual specific suggested instructions and guide.

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