Brass Cuff - Amethyst & Pyrite

  • $38.00

Rough cut chipped amethyst and hand crushed pyrite mix together beautifully on a copper cuff. *because these are natural stones, each cuff is unique and may not look exactly as the cuff pictured*

Amethyst is known as a very psychically protective gemstone and quite closely connected to the Crown Chakra. It is used to purify and cleanse negative thoughts and energy and is known to strengthen communication and intuition.

Pyrite is also a wonderful stone for success and abundance. Pyrite fosters the energy of wealth and abundance. It is associated with the 3rd chakra, or solar plexus chakra, which provides the energy of motivation and will power to move forward in decisions. Pyrite is also known to remove fears and doubts possibly blocking the achievement of success.

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