Essential Oil Blend - Bath Oil Blend - Chakra Bath Oil

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Chakra's are Wheels of Energy found in our body starting at the bast of our spine and moving up through the crown of our head. Each Chakra has its own purpose, developmental task, basic right, and demon. Keeping our chakras balanced allows us to feel connected, healed, and whole. It is quite normal for chakras to fall out of alignment, become blocked, or even over-active. Incorporating essential oils into your chakra healing practices enhances the practice and gives an extra oomph to the process.

This bath oil is designed to work through aromatherapy, hormonal receptors, and through the act of relaxation and breath. This formula of Essential Oils specifically chosen to work with each specific chakra, avocado oil, and grapeseed oil can be used in the bath to create a soothing, balancing experience, or as a moisturizer to further enhance the process.


Muladhara Chakra or Root Chakra the foundation of our energy. The chakra that grounds us, that holds our trust and security energy. Located at the base of the spine, this chakra is all about our self-preservation.

Feeling anxious, sluggish, rigid in your boundaries, restless, or even disconnected? This essential oil blend aids in reconnecting with your body and reclaiming your right to be HERE.

Drop 3 - 7 drops of this blend in your bath to reclaim your sense of roots, security, vitality, prosperity, and stability. The essential oils are specifically chosen for their ability to aid the balance of the root chakra. The blend has been infused with carnelian to help activate and cleanse the energy.

Mantra: I am here and I am real.

To use: drop 3 - 7 drops of oil into a warm bath and soak.

Blended with:

Patchouli: to aid and increase the sense of stability, assist with feelings of disconnection, and to alleviate anxiety.

Frankincense: A sacred oil, used here to soothe, calm, and ground the spirit.

Lavender: added to release and clear energy and allow energy to again flow freely.

Organic Fractionated Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Grapeseed Oil

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