healing properties of turquoise

This stone can be found in sacred pieces all of the world. It has been used in rituals, ceremonies, and worn as protective jewelry for centuries.

It holds a great deal of significance in our Native cultures here in North America, especially with southern tribes.

Turquoise is a powerful healing stone which as been said to improve mental state clarity bringing serenity, creativity, empathy, intuition, and overall happiness and wisdom. It has often been called the stone of friendship as it opens up communication and connection allowing love to flow and strengthening friendship.

Turquoise not only is said to heal the spirit, but also the body. It has been used to help heal and strengthen the immune system, respiratory issues, and ailments associated with the skeleton.

Said to be the most efficient healer, benefiting overall mood and emotion by balancing and bringing a sense of peace. Turquoise relieves stress and brings focus. It is empathetic and balancing, dispelling negative energy and promoting self-realization.

 Pairs nicely with  Clary Sage Essential Oil