Our Story

robin's egg essentials reiki infused holistic essentials

Robin’s Egg Essentials is here to help make Holistic – Simplified.  Robin’s Egg Essentials is here to support your holistic practice through tools, accessories, and workshops. Our focus is to bring beauty and simplicity to your daily practice.

Robin’s Egg Essentials was hatched by Kate Lipka first as Robin’s Egg Jewelry and has now evolved to include not just jewelry, but education and tools. As her holistic practice expands, so does Robin’s Egg. What began as a brand focused on aromatherapy and essential oil compatible necklaces has evolved to intention infused and meditation jewelry, daily practice tools, and workshops. We still offer the unique clasp diffuser – first in Richmond, VA to include this – in all of our necklaces to add a bonus of aromatherapy.

Kate, designer and all around mama bird to Robin’s Egg Essentials, is passionate about practicing a holistic life, striving for balance, well-being, and peace. After what felt like a lifetime trying to calm a restless and anxious energy, she found meditation, which opened the door to the practice of holistic living.

What is the practice of holistic healing?

For Kate, it means practicing daily to connect the mind, body, and spirit; the practice of finding that feeling of balance at the core; living authentically and caring for the entire being.

Kate has found this through aromatherapy, meditation, yoga, and energy work.

Robin’s Egg Essentials knows you will find many ways to support you journey in your daily practice of holistic living.

Kate Lipka reiki practitioner