What's a typical Reiki session like?

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Recently I had a Reiki client come in who was obviously feeling disconnected. She rushed in like a tornado, she jumped from topic to topic, and to me, she just didn't seem herself.

I welcomed her in and the lights were turned low, the music began as the essential oil diffuser let out puffs of relaxing sandalwood & chamomile, and we got to work.

We had a lovely session. Turns out we were quite connected and had the same visions of colors and the thoughts that came to me all resonated with her.

After the session her breathing had regulated. I noticed that her shoulders had lowered. She gave out the energy of a flowing stream, rather than a tornado. Her speech was confident and deliberate. I could feel a difference in her. Could she?


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She slowly sat up and I say, as I tend to always say, “I hope you enjoyed that”.  She smiled and said “I feel so very heavy and rooted.”

I wasn’t surprised. What I felt as we worked, she opening up to receiving Reiki and me opening up to allow it to flow through me, was a need to move down. I started at the crown, as I always do. It was open. I felt a flow. I allowed my hands to hover just above her crown as I visualized a light, bright, violet light emitting from her crown. I invited our supporting guides and asked that they come to help and guide. I immediately felt a desire to move down. Not just down her chakras, but DOWN deep into the soil or soul of the earth. I naturally didn’t want to rush the work, so I didn’t. I worked through her chakras: third-eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root.

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WHOAH! I saw and felt the soil. It was cool and wet and full of nutrients. I saw roots. Big, strong, gnarly roots. Twisting, turning, and running deep into the center of our earth, surrounded with a beautiful, loving red light. I just wanted to stay here. I felt this need to “swoosh” my hands down her legs. I didn’t understand why, but I also didn’t question it. So I did it, just a few inches above her legs, I “swooshed” my hands as if I were sweeping away something. I noticed she gave a slight little kind of shiver movement.

I maybe stayed here longer than I did with the other chakras. But it was needed. Her roots needed to attention. Her root needed to awaken, to open, to allow the flow of reiki to reach from her open crown to her open root so that this universal energy, this reiki, can flow through her and support her, to keep her connected to the divine, herself, and the earth below.

I saw that immediate change when she sat up. Her relaxed shoulders, her breath, energy showed me that she was flowing again. I always like to end a session by reconnecting and answering any questions and really just sharing our experiences, because these sessions are amazing for me as well as for you.

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I tend to hear/see words or phrases that don’t always make sense to me. I sometimes get colors and I very often get scenes from nature - trees, streams, mountains…  I’ve felt very cold and seen mountains, I’ve felt warm and got the word pineapple, and I almost always get trees and roots. With this client, I saw dahlias, boxwood shrubs, and roots so many gnarly and thick roots. I don’t always know what it means, I mean, I can never guess what it might mean to you, but metaphysically, I don’t always know. I do like to look it up and tend to share it when I follow up. In this session, turns out dahlias are a symbol of inner strength and change and can represent someone who stands strong in their convictions. And Boxwood Shrubs are connected to the heart chakra - one that needed some work that day, and represents persistence and longevity. And those roots, well, those were HER roots. Strong, intertwined, and deep! We both saw colors of violet, yellow, and green - the three other chakras that called me - crown, solar plexus, and heart.

When she stood, her feet hit the ground with a thud. Her steps where deliberate. She told me how good she felt. She said how heavy she felt and just how connected to the ground she felt “I feel so grounded”. We were both surprised at the many connections that resonated with her. She gave me the greatest compliment I could ask for, “that was amazing”

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Just as we ease into a session, I like to take time to ease out of a session. This shift back to reality isn’t one that can or should be rushed. It needs to be respected. And that is what we did. We respected that transition and she lay on the table, her hands at heart center, a smile on her face, as she stretched her body long and lean. I could tell it was one of those really good stretches. The kind that not only stretches the muscles, but re-awakens all those emotional muscles that have been lying dormant as we struggle to just get through the day. 

It was yet another session that left me in awe and again solidified how connected we are. Each time I get to connect in this way, I soar. And I hope you do as well!


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