Think of your Body as a Piano

Growing up I was surrounded by music and specifically by pianos. My dad, Robin, seemed to collect them the way some people collect salt & pepper shakers. Each one had its own special purpose, like the one in his van that he used as a traveling piano teacher or the yellow one he used for performances as the founder and leader of The Yellow Dog Jazz Band. I'm still not sure what the purpose of the piano in my room was since I never learned to play.

Robin Wetterau Jazz Piano Player Jelly Roll Morton Red Onion Jazz Band Yellow Dog Jazz Band

What I learned from this experience is not just to follow one's passion, but also the importance of maintenance. Each piano was cared for carefully, thoughtfully, and lovingly. Each was played with connection and respect. And each was tuned regularly to keep it at tip top shape. Never was the piano taken for granted, never was it abused by banging to harshly or neglecting it all together. Each was treated with care. 

I used to sit and watch my dad's strong, wide hands move across the keys with ease. He wasn't delicate. He didn't play classical piano and in fact hated being called a pianist rather than a piano player. He did the playing, the piano did the work. I watched his entire body interact with the instrument, his eyes focused, his arms and hands moving, his feet pedaling, his soul feeling free. I also watched the piano. As a young child, I loved watching the hammers hit the strings hidden in the belly of the instrument and then those strings vibrate their unique frequency producing a precise and beautiful note. I loved it!

internal piano hammers

Flash forward to just a few weeks ago. 

I was talking with a friend about how important self-care is and what that means. Yes, sometimes self-care means a relaxing manicure or massage, but it also means the less glamorous like those regular doctor visits or dental visits. Self-care is just that. Caring for the self. Treating our bodies both physical and ethereal with care and respect. Along with caring for our physical selves and making sure we move our joints and muscles, maintain a healthy immune system, and maintain good mental health, we must care for our energies. Yes, our energies our vibrations are just as vital to our health as all the physical. 

What I realized in this conversations is that we are a lot like a piano. We are made up of these amazing energies each having its own and unique vibrations that are played and hit by hammers from forces outside ourselves. When those energies are in-tune and maintained, beautiful things can happen. When they are not, there is discord. When they are maintained and in-tune abuses from forces outside ourselves do not harm quite as much as they would were we not in-tune and regular tunings allow us to heal with a little less work and pain.

So how do you tend to your energies? How to make sure they aren't too tightly wound or so loose they may unravel? You listen. Just as you would with a piano, you listen. When a piano is not properly tuned you can hear that the notes are flat or sharp or just a bit off. You can also feel the tension in the keys - the hammers hitting the strings just doesn't feel right. They either bounce with more reverberation than usual or a dullness that just falls flat. The instrument just isn't working the way it should. The tuning of those strings affects every other aspect of the instrument. The same things happens with us. Every aspect of ourselves is connected with our energies. 

universal life force energy electricity

If you start noticing that those outside forces, whether it is stress, illness, daily life, are hitting harder than usual and causing stronger reverberations than usual, something with your energies is off. If you are feeling dull - like everything is just falling flat, something is off with your energies. There is something happening with your energies, your vibrations, that isn't working properly, the aren't tuned. Something is too tight, or blocked, or working to hard and over stimulated. You feel it. You notice it in your emotional energy. You may be seeking more connection than usual or maybe all of a sudden you feel the need to pull away. You feel it in your physical energy. You feel more run down than usual, maybe more pron to getting sick. You feel it in you patience, your ability to focus, your compassion, you feel it in one way or another and you know the instrument isn't working at optimal level.

What to do?

You get a tune up. 

You tend to those energies just as you would tend to the strings of a piano. Meditate, Yoga, Exercise, Energy Work such as a Reiki Session. 

I highly recommend regular Reiki sessions. Reiki means Life Force Energy, which is the universal energy all around us. It is the energy/vibrations that flows through all living things. What a Reiki session does is channel that energy, that reiki, to help it flow and vibrate smoothly, with ease, not too tightly, not too loosely, not too fast, not too slow. The Reiki Practitioner acts as a funnel for the reiki (energy) and simply helps guide it to where it needs to go. 

reiki session

Once the session is complete, that reiki (energy) is with you always. But just like a piano, use and play and work, tends to throw things out of wack. Yes, do your best to maintain the level energy by practicing meditation, yoga, or whatever activity helps you do so (for my husband, it is mountain biking), but don't neglect your regular tune ups. Your instruments deserves the regular care, love, and respect. 

Think of your body as a piano and let your music play!

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