How Robin's Egg was first Laid

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Some of you may already know this, but for those of you that are new to the flock, I am sharing a bit of how Robin's Egg Jewelry first came to be.

I love the idea of using nature to heal ourselves. Whether this is through the medicinal powers of natural foods, herbs, and essential oils; or through the magic of the metaphysical properties of gemstones. I believe we have what we need right here in our hearts and in our land; that the universe provides.

I love aromatherapy and truly benefit from it. Our olfactory is thought to be one of, if not our most, powerful sense. It is truly unique in the way that it is directly linked and intertwined with the limbic system. Without getting too technical about this, the limbic system is what combines our higher mental functions with our primitive emotion into one system. It is what helps us process emotions and memory. So you see, smell is very powerful and can trigger emotions and memory; the good, the bad, and the ugly, which in turn, can impact our mood and behavior.

you can find all sorts of credible and scientific info on the limbic system here:

I have generally benefited from aromatherapy and have had very little adverse reaction. It has always been helpful to be to turn to a little lavender when I am stressed, a little clary sage to help ease anxiety, or cinnamon or rosemary to pick up my energy. My husband on the other hand, does not react quite as positively as I do. He tends to have sensitivities to some oils and rather than becoming relaxed and zen, he becomes agitated and often gets a headache.

So in order to keep some harmony in our marriage I started looking to other ways to incorporate essential oils into my life. And the obvious choice was wearing it. Jump ahead to me combining my love of essential oils to my love of the craft of jewelry making and there you have the birth of Robin's Egg Jewelry!

I began looking at gemstones because of their known healing powers, thinking it would be a natural match to combine gemstones with essential oils that complement, and strengthen each other. So I began designing necklaces built around gemstones and adding a porous lava stone to be used as the essential oil diffuser. This has worked wonderfully, and I have enjoyed learning more about gemstones and all of the amazing metaphysical and healing properties they carry.

I love making essential oil pairings for each of the gemstone necklaces. There are so many that complement. I also love that depending on the day, the intention, the challenge, the goal, a necklace and corresponding essential oil can be chosen; and each day this could be different.

I soon realized I could have easily named the shop "magpie" because I have a love of all things shiny and tend to fall in love and collect indiscriminately. I felt a bit pigeon holed by only using gemstones and was quickly feeling as if I was running dry of original ideas. And then, as I realized that the impact of essential oils is strong when used in aromatherapy, I realized just how strong essential oils are when used topically and especially at the nape of the neck. This is where the cranial and spinal nerves connect to the nervous system of the organs, skin, and muscles of the head and neck. This is like the switch board of the body. What better place to place a few drops of powerful essential oil. 

After some research, I began adding a veg tanned piece of leather at the clasp, hitting the nape of the neck; which also feed up my design process. I can now venture out to other inspirations and avenues and truly bring my vision of health, simplicity, presence, and peace to you through my designs.

I am forever inspired by the The James River and the trails surrounding the river, here in Richmond, VA. I tend to find my peace there. Even simply driving over the bridges and seeing the water lap over the rocks, brings me a special kind of peace and connection. I hope to bring that to you through my designs and the incorporation of essential oils.

I hope you stick around and see where this journey continues to take me, or maybe I should say, us. I have some exciting things happening as we round the corner out of summer and into the fall season.

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