Moonstone - New Beginnings

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September is here and with it comes new beginnings. We enter a new season, a new school year, and why not a few new pieces of gemstones to go along with your new fall wardrobe!

Moonstone is the Stone of New Beginnings, which makes it a perfect stone for the start of this season. In fact, it is an alternative birthstone for September. It has a long history and folklore and has been used in jewelry for centuries. I love the shimmer of the stone making it, I guess you can call it, a neutral with pizzazz.

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In Hindu mythology, it is thought moonstone is made up of moonbeams. Ancient Romans believed the stone was made from drops of moonlight. In the Middle ages, it was thought that the cosmos were reflected in the stone. This shimmering, moonbeam, magical effect is known in gemology as adularescence.

Moonstone also comes with a great deal of healing and mystical lore.

I know there is a lot of thoughts about whether or not stones heal or have any mystical power. Not to get too deep here, but here's my two cents on the subject. I think, like everything (including us), stones hold energy and that energy can be harnessed. What I love about using essential oils with my jewelry is that with that combination, we can set free and strengthen that energy to help us in our daily life. So, in this forum, let's be open to believing that stones hold energy or properties that enhance our lives.

What is the energy of Moonstone?

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Moonstone carries calm and soothing energy. White moonstone (what I tend to use) carries the energy of the New Moon, stimulating psychic perception, vision, and dream work. It helps connect to those under the surface energies that run so strong and deep, yet so quietly. It is also known to magnify emotions, kundalini (1st chakra) in women and emotional balance in men.

Moonstone is the stone of hope and spiritual purity. It combats materialism and strengthens the faith. Using moonstone during meditation connects us to our deep self, opening us to the parts of ourselves that have been neglected or left behind. 

Much like the moon, moonstone is closely associated with women and is said to be the Master Healer of Women. By magnifying the kundalini energy, which is the vital force or energy we all hold inside, moonstone unleashes the power within us. It is mothering in the way it nurtures us to open to our potentials. It is protective by enhancing our intuition, and it is powerful by bringing strong energies of abundance and good fortune.

Because of all these wonderful properties and energies, I like to pair moonstone with Frankincense (enhances psychic abilities), Lemongrass (provides clarity of thought, sharpens psychic awareness), Sandalwood (assists with spiritual awareness and growth).

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Robin's Egg Jewelry features Moonstone in the Birthstone Earrings and the Gemstone and Lava necklaces.

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