Hello World

And welcome to Robin's Egg Jewelry. I'd like to take a brief moment and introduce myself and Robin's Egg Jewelry.

I am Kate, the owner, designer, maker, all around Mama Bird to this Jewelry Business. I am thrilled you are here and I can't wait to share my inspirations and developments with all of you.

I get asked quite a bit where the name Robin's Egg Jewelry comes from if my name is not Robin. Well, Robin was my dad. And he had an enormous influence on my creative confidence. And so when it came time to name this baby, I thought about what built my safe nest of creativity, what has helped me to discard so many insecurities and just do it. Well so much of that comes from my papa, Robin. He was always so supportive of my creative adventures. He was a musician/composer by trade, a woodworker/cabinet maker, piano tuner, a sculptor, an all around creative, artistic, free thinker. He was also a small business owner and I watched him create a business out of what feeds his soul. Watching that happen, having his support, and growing up in his nest, gave me the courage to finally fly out and show the world what I love to create, what my vision is, and to trust myself enough to make a business out of this.

So as an homage to him, I named this baby of mine, Robin's Egg Jewelry.

With Robin's Egg Jewelry I am able to give a vision to my life long ambition to find and create simplicity in a healing space. I am passionate about creating a calm, healthy, simple space for our minds to flourish. An environment that allows us to be present and truly appreciate what we have right in front of us. Robin’s Egg Jewelry is a visual reflection of this desire to keep things relaxed, natural, and simple.

Robin’s Egg Jewelry necklaces double as Essential Oil diffuser necklaces. By using either a lava stone within the design, or a hidden nape diffuser, you have the option to wear the piece alone, or pair it with your favorite essential oil.

Thanks for being here and I hope you enjoy your time spent in the nest.

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